The Magic Caster

Magic arises when the time comes
It’s not one to listen despite the user’s strength
And it will not grant the user everything
Without a price that even the user may not face.

Without having something more than courage
And strength combined, the caster of magic
Needs something more than spells and rhymes
They need more than anything they thought of.

Emotions, feelings, the reason for magic’s use
The caster of magic needs to go beyond the truth
They need to see past the lies, and the golden fringe
That magic itself casts on the caster that’s hard to mend.

Practice is laughable since one could practice
A hundred years and still not have a clue about
The secrets of magic and how it should be used
But still the caster tries to use their magic.

Why do they continue to fight to use magic’s
Power when they know very well it could backfire?
Selfishness, desire, the greed for the power
That could destroy the caster without a second thought.

What does it matter to the magic caster?
With magic he can surely get everything he wants!
But magic is a lie, no matter how hard it’s seen through
It will never give in to the likes of me or you.