Daffodil Sunshine

The sun, the brightest star in the sky
Veiled by the darkest of clouds
Peeking out in a ray of golden light
Submerged by the threatening storm.

Winds hurl forth the clouds to the sun
Trying to vanish the warmth it spreads
With its cold invisible touch that chills
Even the strongest bones to the end.

Yet the sun is mighty, and proves hard
To beat as it fights back with heat
And creates a barricade of gold in the sky
With a warmth that makes the heavens cry.

So the storm always goes, but the sun remains
It’s victorious in its glorious warm reign
And it will shower the earth in its heat
That is eternal as time and dry as the desert.

When I stare at a daffodil it reminds me
Of the sun and how it’s always shining bright
Even though it’s surrounded by darkness
Just like a daffodil is by the darkness of grass.