Easter Rain

It rains almost every Easter Sunday here,
The rain, are they the tears that heaven sheds?
Why is the rain so warm if that is the case
Then does that mean heaven’s grief is heaven’s joy?

A holiday to remember, a day to forgive.
No one can believe what miracle occurred.
But if we could all return from death,
That would be a miracle in and of itself.

However, life is not so easy like that
As the rain falls, growing dimmer in the skies.
It pushes us to want to live, but then we die.
And all we can do is question why?

Why give us life if we just fall?
Why give us anything at all?
Who knows what is beyond death.
Who knows what is beyond life.

So when the warm bitter tears of rain has fallen
Are they really bitter if so warm?
Or are they falling into a stance of irony
As they fall gently from the skies?


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