Welcome to Quiet Fables

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first post to introduce my blog, although the About Me page probably does a better job. However, this blog is simply about my muse, which I must admit is barely alive. Real life kind of killed my writing spirit, but I am determined to fight back. I am going to write what I feel like writing.

However, when it comes to dark topics I will warn you all beforehand. If I forget to do so I am sorry and hope you are not too upset ^^’. But look for the mature tag because I will most likely remember that.

Some things will be faded out, but I am getting an ArchiveofOur Own account hopefully soon, waiting for the invite thing.

I feel bad for changing accounts so many times but when things happen you have to change. But I feel really good about this round.

In this blog you’ll see written work of all kinds including yaoi and yuri fanfiction. But as I’ve said you will be warned ahead of time since not everyone likes them.

Also everything will be fade to black and if you want to read the mature content in it check out my ArchiveofOwn: Quiet Fables

I am a big fan og Gundam Wing and Hetalia so lookout for a lot of stories from there. I also want to dabble in Pretty Rhythm series and Love Live, as well as other series I adore.

I also will put some of my original work such as poetry since poetry is what I feel the most confident in.

I hope you enjoy this blog and that it will give you some form of entertainment.

Oh yeah speaking of entertainment I will every now and then, or not at all, who knows, but I will try to put up reviews for things such as anime, manga and Asian dramas. Maybe games but I am poor. XD

Anyway thanks for the read and enjoy!
~~Quiet Fables


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